Design Tools

Wedding Colors: Color Combinations
Need some help deciding on your event colors? Start here for inspiration!

Color Swatches
A tool enabling my clients to better communicate with me on specific colors.

Preparation and Planning Tools

Wedding Stationery Checklist by Sarah Prye
Don't know where to start or what is involved with your wedding stationery? This is a great place to start!

Client/Stationery Information
A form for clients to submit stationery wording and information.

Guest Address Template
An Excel file for clients to easily set up guest addresses for mailing. Please be sure to read the informational notes provided in each column for proper set up of guest names and addresses.

Wedding and Event Articles of Interest

Find a Wedding Invitation That Is As Unique As You Are As a Couple
by Susan Ryder
Add your personality and flair to your invitations; the memories will last a lifetime.

Hand-Crafted, Artistic Wedding Invitations Ensure Unforgettable Wedding Memories
by Joy Cagil
Don't miss out on making your wedding memories completely unforgettable...

Wedding Etiquette
by Rita Sinclair
What IS the proper way of doing things when it comes to your wedding?

The First Impression
by Rita Sinclair
It's time to make your first impression: the wedding invitation!

The Headache of Choice
by Melissa Worden
Choosing wedding invitations doesn't have to be the hassle it's always been!

You Want To Do WHAT?
by Rita Sinclair
Dealing with those difficult wedding issues...

Recommended Reading

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Wedding Magazines

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Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Vows, Rituals, Readings and More

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Wedding Bouquets and Flowers

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